Types Of Pantry Organizers To Suit Your Kitchen Style


The secret to seek and elegant kitchen lies in its organization. The well-organized pantry, easily accessible items and fully furnished modular kitchens are some of the well known example of eye catching kitchens. A well-furnished pantry organizer is soul of kitchen, which has potential to alter complete look of your kitchen. But, every kitchen needs very different style of pantry organizers in order to provide efficient usage of space within budget.




This is most common type of pantry shelves which offer sleek and innovative way of storing pantry. Such cases are most suitable for the kitchens where panty is to be stored above the wall. In order to be space efficient, the turntables are fitted with multiple turnarounds to make the work more efficient. This consumes less space and offer beautiful look too. It comes to sue when it is not easy to see backside of pantry storage due to its placement over certain height. The lazy Susan’s design is much popular for such pantry organizers.


Free Standing Pantry


Freestanding pantry is a common rack of large size, which is generally made up of wire frame or metal. These pantry organizers are not attached to anything in the kitchen. This is the reason they are preferred for larger kitchens as they can be made to stand anywhere as per the requirement of individual. In addition, they are cheaper option as they can offer more room to store items as compared to small storage solutions. These are commonly seen in commercial hotels and homes with large family. Also, these are available in stylish designs. Many companies provide option for custom design on special orders. You can invest on these pantry organizers to get the best result out in your kitchen. So go and try it out today!