Trimming Long Hair Is Essential To Your Hair’s Health

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Many women (and men) have long hair, and they love having long hairstyles. Longer hair is usually seen as sexier and more alluring, but it also has its own set of problems. Longer hair stays on the head longer, meaning that it is exposed to more elements that can damage it. Not only that, but long hair tends to stagnate after a while, and this can keep it from growing. There are many reasons why you should trim your long hair, and this article will explain why and how to trim long hair.Overview of Reasons to Trim Hair

Removes Damaged Hair

Helps it Grow Longer

No More Split EndsRemoves Damaged Hair
Let’s face it: there are a lot of things that can damage your hair. There are chemicals such as dyes and harsh shampoos, the sun, blow-drying and ponytail holders. You probably don’t see the effects that much because most people focus on the top of the head. However, you should be looking at the end of your hair.
The end of your hair has been there the longest, and it has seen the most trauma. You will probably notice that the end of your hair is thinner than the rest of your hair. Trimming it ensures that the damage does not travel upwards.Helps it Grow Longer
The truth is that hair likes to be challenged. When you just let it grow and grow, it will eventually stop. This is because the body believes there is no reason to continue growing your hair, and it will allocate the proteins to something else. However, trimming the hair makes your body think that more hair is needed to compensate for the loss of hair, and it will continue using proteins to grow more hair.No More Split Ends
By its very definition, split ends occur at the end of your hair. This is partially due to improperly taking care of your hair, and because the end of your hair is weak from various shampoos and other things.
Trimming your hair keeps the split ends from getting worse, and it also keeps the split from traveling upwards, which can damage the entire follicle.How to Trim Long HairThe next part of knowing why and how to trim long hair is to trim it. Trimming your hair is very easy: just trim the ends in a straight line (or asymmetrical, depending on your hairstyle). The real question is: how much hair do I trim?

If you want to maintain the same hair length, then you should trim about 0.5 inches of hair a month. If you want it to grow, then trim 0.25 inches of hair. It doesn’t need to be exact, but try to get as close as possible.Conclusion
Knowing why and how to trim long hair is very important if you are interested in your hair’s health. Just like the rest of your body, your hair needs special attention to remain healthy. Just trimming it once a month can make a world of difference. You are removing the most damaged portion, and you are also sending a signal to make your hair grow longer. Just trim the right amount of hair every month, and your hair will be much healthier.Try Mira Oil NOWInformationHair Loss DiseasesHair Care TipsBlogroll

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