Funny Riddles To Tickle Your Funny Bones

Riddles are full of entertainment and you need to use your mind as well. Some of the riddles are funny which make you think and laugh too. A good funny riddle will tickle your funny bone and provide your mind a logical puzzle. Now internet and social media is full of riddles which you can solve by using your mind. Some of the websites provide you a lot of riddles to solve and also ask you to post some new riddles, if you have. Age doesn’t matter while solving a riddle and makes your brain exercise more fun.

Brain must be active and for that you need to do some exercises. When you solve a riddle, you make your brain active, with humour you can make it more entertaining. You can give challenges to your brain with these riddles and can entertain yourself. Some of the websites are exclusively designed for the riddle and there you can get plenty of riddles to solve. They keep updating their riddles and thousands of are there which can make your day. If you are having some riddle which you want to share with world then post it on their website.

You can post on your social media profile and people would love to answer those riddles. The answers are also available on the site; if you don’t solve it find it there. So try some riddles online to exercise your brain and enjoy them.